VYTECO Ltd. produces packagings for a wide range of applications: 

  1. CONSTRUCTION PACKAGINGS for industrial products, mainly for electric and electronic devices, measuring instruments, health technology and instruments, glass, car parts, servicing technology, aviation and space technology, machine parts, tools etc. In order to guarantee highest quality standards as well as an optimum level of shock absorption, we employ the right materials for ecah individual case: PE, PP, PU, corrugated cardboard, their combinations or combination with other materials.
  2. Construction, technical and complementary elements from foam materials.
  3. Handling, assistant and transport parts.
  4. Stickers, ledges, insets and trays, cut pieces and shaped parts, fixation...
  5. CASES AND INSERTS - We customize your cases according to your very own requirements, specifications and purpose of use. Further, we offer the selection of a fitting case from the large offer on the respective world market. Our casing portfolio is available in various realizations (plastic, aluminium, wood, metal sheet) and linings (soft foam, eggsfoam (PU), hard foam (PE), fine hard foam (PE). 

In case of further questions please don't hesitate to contact us any time. 
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